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Invest in the Lives of the Next Generation 

Make a Difference for Generations to Come

Your investment allows our teaching staff to focus on reaching students with engaging programs that effectively challenge them to make healthy choices in the area of sex and relationships.  Your gift literally prevents students from getting STDs, combats sex trafficking, prevents poverty by avoiding unintended pregnancy, and helps students understand their innate value as a person, leading to overall healthier choices, and so much more.  Start making a difference today by investing in healthy relationships - the gift that gives to generations!

ATTENTION USERS OF INTERNET EXPLORER AND MICROSOFT EDGE:  Unfortunately these browsers have proven problematic in processing donations for us.  We are working on fixing this with our payment processor.  In the meantime, you might consider switching to Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome, then log back into our website to complete your donation.  We are truly sorry for any inconvenience!  

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